Here is a list of changes made on each version of the FECGSYN simulator.

  • v1.2 : 2017.03.13
    Update to include novel fetal signal quality metrics
    • Features
      • Novel signal quality indices (SQI) added as presented in Andreotti et al 2017
      • FHR correction using SQI and Kalman filtering added as presented in Andreotti et al 2017
      • Naive Bayes classifier summarizes different SQI metrics into a consensus metric.
      • 4 additional QRS detectors modified for FECG use
      • Minor restructuring of folders
  • v1.1 : 2016.03.15
    Major update and inclusion of several extraction methods and benchmarking tools.
    • Features
      • Benchmark toolbox for FQRS detection and morphological analysis
      • 8 Extraction methods included (as described in Andreotti et al 2016)
      • FECGSYNDB released
      • Overall restructuration of toolbox directory
    • Bug Fixes
      • 0.1 : @fernandoandreotti fixed several bugs in calibration, generation and evaluation
      • 0.3 : noise generation function updated by Julien Oster
      • 0.4 : @mosalvi GUI updated to match new release?
  • v1.0 : 2014.09.15
    First major versioned release by @jbehar and @fernandoandreotti
    • Features
      • Each dipole modelled as an individual source
      • Simulator included translation and rotation of cardiac dipoles
      • Realistic AR-modelled noise sources added
      • Calibration routine for differen SNR levels
      • Example containing patho-physiological events
      • @mohsalvi developed GUI for easy use